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Assault on Gladisheim

Updates are currently in the works for this entire website. Here's a short list of what to expect before this Holiday Season:
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Science Fiction & Fantasy

It's what we do. You don't want to hire Science Fiction & Fantasy artist to do a book cover for a Romance novel. Nor would you hire a western artist to do a Horror book cover. We specialize in genre book cover art: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror and Cross-genre.

Judging a book by its cover

We all do it, that's what makes us pick up a book in the first place. You get about 8 seconds to grab someone's attention. Face it, if it looks cheap, that won't get the reader (viewer, listener) inside where you shine. Self Publishing a is fine, and it doesn't have to look cheap… if you have a good book cover (eBook, CD, DVD).

This isn't a Fantasy

I'm always proud and grateful to have a Mitch Bentley cover on one of my books. You're one of those artists I trust to do their job well.
Author James K. Burk
Just wanted to thank you and say that the wraparound zombie-space cover for FRESH BLOOD looks fantastic. You really followed my unique vision down to a tee! Your work is amazing and I don't know how to thank you enough.
Author Lawrence Dagstine
Mitch, I just wanted to tell you that the cover art for Redgunk is superior; subtle, wonderful. I just can’t tell you how pleased I am with the cover. Thank you for doing it!
Author William R. Eakin
Just wanted to let you know how much I like your cover design for my book, The Sea at Mughain. I like the lettering, and the Celtic border, and the look of age. Thanks for your good work.
Author Jennifer Sparlin
I think the cover looks good. Intriguing expression on Andalarn's face. I like the tower in the background as well as a hint of smoke billowing from it. My thanks and congrats on a well-done cover.
Author H. David Blalock
Just wanted to drop a line and say thanks. It really is a great cover, and made a lot of sense when Tyree showed it me. It’s just superb.
Author Edward Cox
I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how much I loved the cover art your created for my novella published with Sam's Dot Publishing. It really captures the feel of the piece.
Author Michael Merriam

This isn't Science Fiction

Our ART is Science Fiction… and Fantasy— not our service.
We hear these things all the time. Don't fall into these traps:

  • Any cover will do, it's the writing that will sell it...
  • As long as my book gets published...
  • I know a guy (lady, relative, friend…) who's an artist...
If you think a professional is expensive, ask yourself this:

How much will having amateur cover art cost me ... in lost sales?

Good Cover Art

Design and illustration communicates in seconds what the reader or listener is buying. Good design takes skill and time; it is often expensive, but it doesn't have to be.

You need to decide up front if you're willing to sacrifice sales to save money. Pay too much for a book cover and you or a small press can't sell enough to make up for it - pay too little and no one will buy it.

That's where we come in: reasonable rates, appropriate licensing and
cover art that will make you proud.

Design Success

We believe in personal service. At Atomic Fly Studios, you are not just another number. We understand Science Fiction & Fantasy and
Your success is our success.

Because we're small, we don't have the overhead of a large building or multiple employees. We do however, have the skills, education and equipment to do the job right.

You don't have to spend a fortune to have a book cover that makes you look good, you just need an artist & designer that understands your industry.
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Atomic Fly Studios
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